About Us


Argos President & Founder

Paul Byrd is the mastermind behind Argos Gear. He is an outdoor enthusiast at heart and has always had an appreciation for dependable gear. Paul’s father, Chuck, taught him to love adventure and how to fix things when they broke. Self-reliance and innovation are characteristics that Paul still finds important today.

In the 80’s Paul began to spearfish with a friend and his father. Back then, you had to make a lot of your own gear. You learned from someone else who knew about the sport because there wasn’t a local dive shop that had supplies for you to buy. Spearguns were shaped and made in garages, rubbers were purchased at medical supply stores, and having knowledge of knots was a must.  It didn’t take long for Paul to start to think about how to make all his gear better. In his spare time, Paul began to design the Stealth Watersport Bootie. He was determined to design the best soft-soled bootie on the market. All these years later, the Argos team and many happy customers have to agree that he did.

The Stealth Watersport Bootie was originally designed for spearfishing but when you make a product this good, other people are going to notice. It didn’t take long for Paul to follow his adventurous spirit and branch out into the canyoneering industry. As it turns out, that the Stealth Watersport Bootie are perfect for wearing inside canyoneering boots too. It’s not uncommon to find Argos booties walking around Zion National Park.

Paul and the Argos Team are excited to extend the line of Argos Gear products. Customers can expect the same great quality from any product that has the Argos name on it. We can’t wait for you to slip into an Argos!


The Argos Team

It is not often that a passion becomes work. We don’t see it as work but it makes us feel much more professional to call it that. Team Argos are the lucky individuals that get to design, product test, and wear Argos Gear. For those of you who already wear it, I guess that makes you one of us. Thanks for being on our team..